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Longwood is a house museum located in an unfinished antebellum mansion. The city of Natchez is the oldest on the Mississippi and was founded in 1716. The trail was originally used as a buffalo trail then later by Native Americans as well as older settlers.

Tobacco and indigo were the initial crops but when the Whitney was invented it made cotton production boom and brought a lot of wealth to Natchez planters as well as merchants. Today Natchez boasts more antebellum structures than any other city of the same size in the United States. It has over 13 National Landmarks and over 1,000 buildings that are included in the National Register. A number of the properties have been owned and occupied by the same families for over 150 years.

Natchez is the home to dozens of American American heritage sites, like historic churches, neighborhoods post Civil War, the childhood home of John Roy Lynch and more.